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2016 Hirsch Reserve Pinot Noir

2016 Hirsch Reserve Pinot Noir
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Tasting Notes: Spring was early and mild on the Sonoma Coast in 2016, leading to a cooler, but sunny summer. Perfect conditions for elegant, balanced wines. A selection of the best barrels from Hirsch’s finest and oldest vineyard blocks, the reserve combines intense, elegant red fruit with lithe tannins and a ripe but earthy complexity. A fine minerality accents the finish.

Vintner's Notes: David Hirsch bought his western Sonoma property in 1978; it is an ideal site for Pinot Noir. From a few original plantings, Hirsch Vineyards has expanded to encompass 60 farming parcels spread out over 72 acres. David quit his day job in 1987 to plant and oversee the vineyards. He produced sought-after Pinot and Chardonnay grapes for acclaimed wineries in the region until 2002, when he decided to build a winery and start making wines of his own. At the time, his motivation was to understand the unique characteristics of each parcel, in order to guide his farming decisions. “In other words,” he says, “we built a winery to become better farmers.” Today, all 72 acres are farmed biodynamically, and David’s daughter, Jasmine Hirsch, is the resident winemaker. David calls himself “Chief Bug,” reminding his team constantly that the goal is always to focus on the unique gifts of the site and to never forget that, as he puts it, “we don’t know what we don’t know.”

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Pinot Noir
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