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2014 Coup De Foudre Les Bouquinistes

2014 Coup De Foudre Les Bouquinistes
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Vintner Notes: For the past 20 years, proprietor John Schwartz and winemaker Kent Jarmon, have had the great honor to work with wine, savor it, and witness its impact on consumers as they navigate the sheer pleasure it brings. "Coup de Foudre" or "Lightening Strike" is a French expression which refers to an unforeseen event, such as love at first sight. While this is how John explains the experience of meeting his wife, he has now embarked on the path to create a unique wine with elements worthy of a "Coup de Foudre." His wines are meant to be shared with the special people in our lives — and be part central part of the gatherings and stories we experience through the years.

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